10 Pizza Spots Near LIV Apartments

Who doesn’t love a great pizza? Hanging out with your friends, had a busy day or simply just don’t feel like cooking, it’s a go-to for many people. Ottawa is full of delicious and unique pizza places, along with the traditional style. Regardless of what type of pizza you’re looking of, there is bound to be a spot near you.

With LIV Apartments’ central location, there are a ton of options for you to choose from and with Little Italy right down the street, you can’t go wrong with exploring and wandering into a restaurant.

Mom and Pop’s Pizza Shop | 714 Gladstone Ave. (pst: Mom and Pop’s Pizza Shop is a LIV Local Partner!)
Papa Joe’s Pizza | 527 Bronson Ave.
Centertown Donair & Pizza | 422 Bronson Ave.
Pizza Pizza | 673 Somerset St. W.
La Favorita | 356 Preston St.
La Dolce Vita | 180 Preston St.
Pub Italia | 434 Preston St.
Domino’s Pizza | 300 Preston St.
Roberto Pizza | 348 Preston St.
Anthony’s on Bank | 753 Bank St.


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