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4 Fitness Applications to Use at LIV Apartments


Exercise can sometimes be a daunting task; it requires motivation and dedication to fully incorporate a routine into your daily activities and work towards a healthier lifestyle. After a long day, it’s likely the last thing you want to do, but there are so many benefits to exercise and it’s important for everyone to work towards or maintain a healthy lifestyle. LIV Apartments’ gym and yoga room is equipped with a ton of TechnoSystem machines and equipment that you can use to conduct your workout and add variety. Whether you use the gym at LIV, work out outside or in your apartment, or have an additional gym membership, we have gathered a few fitness applications for you to try!


There is no need to purchase additional Fitbit products to use this application; the MobileTrack on your phone can help you keep track of your steps throughout the day, your pace/timing while running, and much more.

Couch to 5K

This easy app helps you train towards running 5k. With as little as 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, over 9 weeks the app will have you trained to reach your goal of improving your cardio and running 5k.


If your schedule is too busy to dedicate a chunk of time to exercise, fitnet may be your answer. Fitnet offers quick workouts so you can squeeze in some exercise when you have the time, even as little as 5 minutes during the day when you need a break or in the morning before your day starts.

Nike+ Training Club App

This application is filled with 100’s of workouts of various lengths to provide the workout that you’re looking for. It uses instructional audio and video clips of Nike Trainers to keep you motivated, develop proper form and push you through the workout.


No matter the workout you’re looking for, there is an app out there that can guide you. Share your favourite fitness app in the comments below! We love to see our LIV residents enjoying the gym facilities, snap a picture of your work out view and tag @livottawa!

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