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4 Habits to Add to Your Sunday Night Routine


Whether you spent a relaxing weekend in your LIV Apartment or running errands, Monday morning always seems to sneak up on us. To help you get a few more minutes of sleep before getting into the work week, we have put together some Sunday night habits that you could add into your routine.

1. Prepare Your Meals

Preparing your meals for the week has become a huge trend and a very popular habit. If you’re not one to plan your week of lunches, at least start by taking a few minutes on Sunday to prepare your Monday meals. This saves you at least 10 minutes in the morning to either sleep or focus on other tasks such as walking your dog.

2. Pick Your Outfit

Sometimes planning an outfit can take longer than we expect, especially if we need to use an iron. Picking out your outfit the night before saves you that time in the morning. Iron whatever items may need pressing and lay out your clothes or hang them up so they’re ready for you to easily change into.

3. Write A To-Do List

The night before, make a list of the items that you would like to, or need to, accomplish the following day. This helps you get right into your day and also keeps you organized. Writing out items the night before can also help you sleep better as you aren’t trying to remember items as they come to you throughout the night.

4. Pack Your Bag

To avoid missing any items while you’re in a hurry running out the door, pack your bag the night before. This could include headphones that you may need for travel, an item that you promised a friend or coworker, notes, an extra pair of shoes, etc.

Wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed and organized by incorporating the above habits into your Sunday night routine! Have other items that help you get your week started? Share them in the comments below.

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