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5 Spotify Playlists You Have to Follow


Snag a Spotify Student Premium account and pay half of the normal subscription cost. Win-Win. Whether you’re studying, working out or having a solo dance party in your apartment, these playlists are the perfect accompaniment.

  1. All Out 00s

Nelly Furtado is on here, so that’s all you really need to know.

  1. Cardio

Hit the treadmills on the LIV Apartments Sky Level! Sweat, pain and beats.

P.S. We’ve already written a blog on fitness plans, so happy exercising!

  1. Jazz Hop

Makes for amazing study or background music. Get your focus on!

  1. The Moon is Calling

There’s nothing like acoustic Bon Iver songs to put you right to sleep.

  1. Dance Pop

Put this playlist on and you’re suddenly solo-shuffling in your kitchen.
Earphones in, world out. Playlists don’t require any work on your part, so hit that shuffle button and get in the zone.

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