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5 Tips for a Restful Sleep


We all want a good night’s sleep, but that can be difficult if we’re stressed, have a lot going on, or are staying in a new place. There will always be times where our sleep gets compromised, but below are some tips that can help you get a nice, restful sleep!


Try to stick to a schedule. Go to bed around the same time each night to ensure you are getting the amount of sleep that you need. Your body also reacts well to a schedule, and practicing a scheduled bed time will help you wall asleep quicker and stay asleep throughout the night.


Regular exercise is important for so many reasons, helping you sleep is one of them. Physical activity everyday will help you work out some of your energy and make you feel more relaxed at the end of the day.


Comfort is key. Your bed should be comfortable and supportive for your sleep style. Create a relaxing environment with soft colours, a cozy comforter and sheets and anything else that you find relaxing.

Shut Down

Before heading to bed, turn off the TV and avoid bright lights. Sitting in darker, softer lighting before bedtime helps your body trigger its natural need for sleep.

Avoid Caffeine

We all know that its best to avoid caffeine at night, and to stop drinking coffee in the early afternoon. Find the time frame that works best for you and avoid caffeinated items beyond a certain time.

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