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5 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space


You’ve moved into your beautiful LIV Apartment, and you have a gorgeous kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. Follow our tried and true tips to help you utilize every aspect of your kitchen and help you maximize your storage space.


Stacking plates, bowls and containers is a great way to maximize your cupboard space. You can also add additional storage pieces that will allow you to stack cups and mugs on two levels within the one shelf.

Wall Space

Remove items from your counters and try to utilize the wall space. You can add a magnetic spice rack, or use a magnetic strip to hold your knives.

Storage Containers

Some items like cereal, crackers and pasta have more packaging than contents. Remove the contents within and place them into plastic or glass storage containers that can be stacked or are tall and narrow. This frees up some space in your cupboards and keeps your food from going stale as quickly.

Under-Sink Organization

The space under the sink usually gets used for a garbage can and some cleaning products. You can store so many things under there if you organize it properly! Place your garbage can on one side and use organization shelves (similar to paper organizers for a desk) that you can use to store your cleaning products and maybe even products like paper towel.


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