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6 Tips for Staying Active This Winter


During the colder months of the year it can be harder to maintain an active lifestyle. The holiday season tends to bring a lot of food and the temptation to avoid the cold and stay inside sometimes gets the best of us. Staying active can be easier than you think! We have put together 6 tips for staying active this winter to help you out.

1. Take The Stairs

As simple as it sounds, too often we opt to take the elevator even for a few floors! Take the stairs when you can and push yourself to see how far you can make it each time.

2. Outdoor Activities

Fight the temptation of the couch and get outside! Not all winter days are -40˚C, so take advantage of the more mild days and explore the outdoors. You can go for a walk, a snowy hike, try snowshoeing, hit the ski hill, go skating – there are so many activities that you can do outside to stay active.

3. Gym

Make use of the incredible gym at LIV Apartments. If you’re looking to try something different, maybe join a class or try kickboxing. If you need the extra push to get started, make a pact with a friend to motivate each other. You can also check out 4 fitness applications that can help you work out, here.

4. Home Workouts

You don’t need a home gym to workout at home. Watch a workout video or perform small exercises while you’re watching a movie or during commercial breaks. You can run on the spot, do squats, etc.

5. Indoor Sports

Join an indoor sports team to stay active this winter. There are a ton of different sports offered indoor all year round to keep you moving.

6. Cleaning

You’d be surprised how much exercise you can get by cleaning. You’re constantly moving, bending, squatting, scrubbing – all movements that create a workout without weights or machines.

What’s your favourite winter activity? Share in the comments below or tag @livottawa in your photos!

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