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7 Tips to Save You Money!


We’re all looking for ways to save a little extra money here and there. Whether you’re saving up for a big purchase or just looking to spend less money, there are a ton of tips and tricks for how you can start saving. Check out some of our tips below and consider implementing the ones that work best for you.


Plan Ahead

We all know that going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. As we’re walking through the aisles we grab items that we would generally refrain from. Save yourself the extra expense of spontaneous purchases by making a list. Look at which items are on sale ahead of time and prepare your weekly meal plan from there. Walk into the grocery store with a list and stick to it!


Additional costs such as gym memberships, yoga classes, etc. are items that generally have a higher price tag. Save yourself some money and make use of the LIV Apartments Fitness Centre, equipped with state-of-the-art TechnoSystem equipment for you to use right in the building! There are also a ton of exercises that can be done in your apartment or outside during the summer months. Make use of the bike rentals available and explore a new area of the city while also getting in a workout. To learn more about the bike rentals, speak to one of the on-site Customer Care Coordinators. For more tips on how you can stay active, check out our post here.

Rewards Cards

Living in Ottawa, Independent and Loblaws is likely the most convenient grocery store for you. Take advantage of their free rewards card (PC Plus) to earn points on your purchases and save money over time. You can also make use of your LIV Local key tag by visiting LIV Local Partners and receiving exclusive discounts and savings.

Watch Hydro Expenses

Something we may not think about, but that can actually add up throughout the year. Turn off lights when you aren’t in the room, reduce TV time or using the TV as background noise. Although these may not seem like big ways to save money, every little bit counts.

Reduce Outings

We all like to treat ourselves every so often with dinner or drinks with a friend. The amount that you spend on a meal out or drinks could be cut down drastically by staying in and preparing food at home. If you’re one that loves going out, try to cut back and reserve outings for special occasions.

Reduce Clutter

Most of the items we have stored away in the closet aren’t items that we use. You’ve likely even forgotten that you have it! These could be old DVD’s, games, electronics, etc. Clean out your closets and make a little extra money by selling the items you don’t use.

Cut Bad Habits

Reduce the amount of times you rely on the convenience of fast food by preparing meals before you leave the house. Drink more water or flavoured water instead of pop and cut back on the amount of alcohol that you purchase.

Have money saving tips that you’ve incorporated into your lifestyle? Share in the comments below for your neighbours to give them a try!

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