Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly

    Earth Day is recognized worldwide on April 22nd. Let’s do our part in improving our planet! We all know that making an impact on our environment takes more than one day. Try spending the month of April being more environmentally conscious and see if you can instill new habits into your everyday life[...]

    LIV Apartments Review of the Month

    We love hearing from our LIV Apartments Residents!   "I found myself in a bit of tight spot and needing a new apartment quick. I reached out to LIV and Lola on the sales team was extremely friendly and resourceful and helped me find a beautiful apartment in record time. Gorgeous view,[...]

    LIV Local Partner Highlight

    LIV Local Partner Highlight Waller Street Brewing 613-860-1515 14 Waller Street Enjoy free delivery of Waller St. craft beer to LIV every Friday, as well as 10% off swag items. LIV RESIDENT EXCLUSIVE PERK For more details check out
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