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Our Must Read Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips!


It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and it has some people starting to sweat. But fear not, we’ve gathered the most helpful tips for the big clean in your apartment this year! Check out LIV Apartments Must Read Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips below.

Mend it, Donate it, or Toss it

The logical first step in spring cleaning your apartment is to go through all of your belongings, almost as if you are planning on moving. Decide what to keep, what to sell at a yard sale and what to donate to charity. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing or used an item for at least two seasons, than it’s time to get rid of it!

To Clean or Not to Clean

Now that you’ve gone through your apartment clutter, it’s time to actually start cleaning! The easiest way to keep yourself organized and on task is to start from the top down. Start by dusting all surfaces, getting cobwebs out of hard-to-reach corners, cleaning windows and wiping counters before you head to sweeping and mopping the floors. This technique ensures you aren’t back tracking and re-sweeping rooms once you clean off a cabinet or table! The satisfaction of seeing your apartment sparkle ✨ will make the hard work feel like it’s well worth the effort, we promise!

Note: Removing hard water stains in your bathroom or kitchen is a cinch with just half a lemon! Hard to believe that a lemon can be so powerful. Simply cut a lemon in half, and give your faucets and good rub down. Let the juice sit on there for a few minutes or longer, then rinse with warm water.

It’s Not Just About Cleaning

Spring cleaning also means checking on the condition of various items found around your apartment. For instance, when was the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? How about the caulking around your tub? Maybe your screens are in poor condition. Go around and take a look at all of these different elements in your apartment, and if you find anything that needs repairing or replacing, give your property manager a call!

SPRING FREE from Your Apartment and Enjoy the Season!

Now that all the cleaning is done and your life feels in order, reap the rewards of a clean apartment by stepping outside and enjoying the nice weather. Who knows, you might even meet a new neighbor or two!

We’re also a fan of RentMoola’s idea that maybe, just maybe, spring cleaning isn’t necessary at all ;)



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