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Apps That’ll Have You Living Stress-Free


Whether you’re a student or a working professional, your calendar gets cluttered quickly and life gets to be all sorts of stressful. Technology can be a blessing and a curse, but we’ll focus on the good for this one.  After all, there are tons of apps out there made to help you out and take a breather from the non-stop rush of life. Read on to see which ones we suggest!

Evernote – Free for IOS + Android
Say goodbye to losing your grocery list with this organized note-taking app that syncs across your devices.

Mint – Free for IOS + Android
Manage and track your money with ease. A great way to stick to your budget!

1Password – Free for IOS + Android
Keeping your accounts secure becomes a struggle when you’ve got passwords you don’t even remember making. Log them all in and let 1Password do the rest!

STOCard – Free for IOS + Android
No more bulging wallets. Store all your loyalty cards on your phone with this app!

Sworkit – Free for IOS + Android
Short or long, cardio or core strength, Sworkit has a workout planned for you.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner – Free for IOS + Android
For those nights where you can’t make up your mind. With access to the thousands of recipes posted on the app, there’s a recipe there for you.

Toggl – Free for IOS + Android
Starting a paper, project or just a task and want to know how long it will take? This app tracks the time it takes for you to complete tasks to help you better manage your time.

Headspace – Free for IOS + Android
Take a couple minutes a day to reflect and meditate.

We can thank technology for a lot of things (mainly Netflix), but apps like these deserve the most praise. Although some offer subscriptions and in-app purchases, the bulk of these apps are free and here to stay. Download these helpful apps and feel the burden lift off your shoulders.

If you try any of these or have any recommendations, leave us a comment below!



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