It’s no secret that climate change is a real threat to our planet. If you’re a millennial, you’re probably inundated with the facts on a daily basis through your social news feeds. Millennials and post-millennials are widely regarded as incredibly socially conscious. Many of us try and do our part by using reusable water bottles or coffee tumblers, recycling and more recently passing up on drinkin[...]
Getting your daily fix of vegetables can be hard. Let’s face it, we don’t all LOVE eating our veggies and sometimes we have to be sneaky about how we get those essential micro-nutrients. It’s no surprise that including vegetables into your everyday diet reduces your chances of heart disease, cancer and obesity among a wealth of other health you can experience when you don’t practice proper nu[...]
‘Tis the season to stress out finding your last minute holiday party outfit. Now that it’s December, you probably have a ton of holiday parties to get excited for, but if you end up leaving your outfit to the last minute, don’t stress! Here are a couple looks that are super trendy, cozy and classy. Comfortable For the laidback get-together, the goal is cute but comfy. Teddy jackets are all the[...]
Jump right into dessert with these delicious spots in Ottawa. Sharing a dessert with your date is not only super romantic, but also a great way to round out the night, especially if you’re hitting it off! And even if you’re not hitched up, grab a friend and go enjoy these sweet treats. Les Moulins La Fayette | 1000 Wellington Street W A bright, modern and cozy French bakery right in Hintonburg[...]
No matter how big or small, your actions make a difference. LIV Apartments is all about contributing to the community and we love getting involved in charitable events! We’ve put together some easy ways you can give back and truly embrace the festive spirit of the holidays. Find Local Charities There are so many great causes to help within your local community. The Shoebox Project For Women is a[...]
Last night, LIV Apartments residents joined us on the rooftop for our 2018 Oktoberfest! The sun was shining and the views were incredible as residents gathered with their friends and neighbours. Upon entry, residents provided non-perishable food items which will all be donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. We are so happy with the amount of donations we received – we were able to donate 330lbs! Than[...]
Whether you’re a student or a working professional, your calendar gets cluttered quickly and life gets to be all sorts of stressful. Technology can be a blessing and a curse, but we’ll focus on the good for this one.  After all, there are tons of apps out there made to help you out and take a breather from the non-stop rush of life. Read on to see which ones we suggest! Evernote – Free for IOS [...]
See ya, summer! As bittersweet as it may feel, a new season is just another excuse to revamp your space. With the days getting colder and shorter, it’s nice to step out from the brisk weather into a cozy apartment that you adore. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and gear up for autumn with these cute home décor pieces that’ll have your LIV Apartment feeling more comfy than ever. Fleece Throw Bl[...]
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