Not only does Ottawa have a ton to offer, but there is also a ton to see and do in the surrounding areas! We’ve compiled a list of easy trips you can take this summer. Pack up and go explore! 1. Oshawa Peony Festival Distance from Ottawa: ≈ 3 hours and 50 minutes On June 15th and 16th, the annual Oshawa Peony Festival will be taking place at the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens from 10:00am to[...]
As summer’s approaching, not only is it time to bring out your summer wardrobe, but it is also time to revamp your home with vibrant colours and an outdoor patio. Check out below our top five design tips for summer! 1. Decorate with Flowers and Plants Flowers and plants are a perfect way to give your home a bright and colourful look that you'll love. As buying weekly flowers can add up in co[...]
This summer, don’t waste any time indoors and make the most of the warm weather and beautiful city! Listed below are five fun outdoor activities that are available for free this summer in Ottawa. 1. Go to Gatineau Park for a Scenic Hike, Swim or Cycling Gatineau Park is one of the most popular parks nearby to enjoy the outdoors, located approximately 15 minutes driving from downtown Ottawa. [...]
Earth Day is recognized worldwide on April 22nd. Let’s do our part in improving our planet! We all know that making an impact on our environment takes more than one day. Try spending the month of April being more environmentally conscious and see if you can instill new habits into your everyday life. Give these ideas a try: • Switch from Ziploc bags and single-use plastics in your lunches to Tup[...]
We love hearing from our LIV Apartments Residents!   "I found myself in a bit of tight spot and needing a new apartment quick. I reached out to LIV and Lola on the sales team was extremely friendly and resourceful and helped me find a beautiful apartment in record time. Gorgeous view, modern design and sparkling clean when I moved in. Not to mention all the amazing amenities at LIV [...]
We love hearing from our LIV Apartments Residents!   "I have been living at LIV for about one month now and am loving my new building! The amenities are amazing, my apartment is beautiful, and the staff is so welcoming and helpful! The 24 hour concierge is such a great perk and I am amazed at how clean the building is kept at all times. The location is excellent, with Dow's Lake and[...]
For those of you who embrace the chocolate and flowers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning to spend the day with your loved one or your best gal pals, there are a ton of ways you can spend this day in Ottawa. Spa Date Who doesn’t love a good Nordik date? Don’t let the cold weather deter you, the sights of snow covered trees are unbeatable – and the hot tubs will k[...]
It’s no secret that climate change is a real threat to our planet. If you’re a millennial, you’re probably inundated with the facts on a daily basis through your social news feeds. Millennials and post-millennials are widely regarded as incredibly socially conscious. Many of us try and do our part by using reusable water bottles or coffee tumblers, recycling and more recently passing up on drinkin[...]
Getting your daily fix of vegetables can be hard. Let’s face it, we don’t all LOVE eating our veggies and sometimes we have to be sneaky about how we get those essential micro-nutrients. It’s no surprise that including vegetables into your everyday diet reduces your chances of heart disease, cancer and obesity among a wealth of other health you can experience when you don’t practice proper nu[...]
‘Tis the season to stress out finding your last minute holiday party outfit. Now that it’s December, you probably have a ton of holiday parties to get excited for, but if you end up leaving your outfit to the last minute, don’t stress! Here are a couple looks that are super trendy, cozy and classy. Comfortable For the laidback get-together, the goal is cute but comfy. Teddy jackets are all the[...]