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Decorate Your Apartment With Pantone’s Colour of the Year


Pantone has named Green the Colour of the Year for 2017, and we’re very excited given the green theme at LIV Apartments! If you’re looking to follow the trends and incorporate green into your décor, we have you covered! Check out our ideas below for how you can incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your LIV Apartment décor.

Living Room

There are a TON of ways that you can incorporate green into your living room décor. Using decorative pillows, throw blankets, frames, accent furniture, décor on your coffee table, trinkets, etc. Mix and match with different shades and patterns to texture and various elements to your living space. You can also add plants into your home! Not only do they add a pop of green and create a natural element, they also have great benefits in terms of your health. Check out the best plants for apartments here.


Similar to your living room, you can add green with pillows, blankets or frames. You can also incorporate green with your hangers, laundry basket, night stand, lamps, curtains photography or artwork! You could even consider painting a single wall green for accent piece.


The kitchen is a great space to add pops of colour. As the décor at LIV Apartments is modern and simple with white countertops, green is the perfect colour to add into your space. Dishes, serving bowls, pots or even containers are the various items that can be used to add that pop of colour and brightness.


Towels are an easy way to add green into your bathroom décor, whether it be with your larger towels or smaller hand towels and face cloths. For other areas to add colour into your bathroom, try your shower curtain, bathmat or even your soap dispenser!


There are many perks associated with incorporating green into your décor. Cool colours such as green help your apartment feel larger and create a soothing and relaxing space. Learn more about different colours for your apartment and their impact here.

For more inspiration for adding green into your apartment décor, check out our Pinterest Page.

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