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DIY Décor Pieces for your LIV Apartment


DIY décor is a huge trend lately, and many projects take a cost effective approach to your favourite products. We have come up with a few DIY décor pieces that you could add into your LIV Apartment.


You can turn any picture you have into a piece of canvas artwork. Whether its pictures of friends, family or scenery, having the pictures printed onto canvas is a cheap and easy way to add a homey feel to your apartment and you even get to show off your photography skills! Use as a statement piece above your couch, use smaller canvas’ to create a gallery wall or create a multi-piece photo; the possibilities are endless.


Re-upholstering anything is a great DIY trick to update an older piece of furniture or a flea market find. If you’ve never re-upholstered before, start small with items such as kitchen table chairs – YouTube videos are a great resource for steps to follow along with.

Pillow Covers

Pillows are a great addition to your apartment as they make the space feel cozy and more like home. They can also become very expensive, especially if you like to switch them out during different seasons. There are a ton of super cheap and easy tricks to creating your own pillow covers, and reusing the inner pillow. This task can be as simple as purchasing cloth napkins or dish towels and using an iron, scissors and some craft supplies to seal the material. You can also create pillow covers out of regular fabric from a store, an old sweater, etc.

Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters have become a popular item as they add uniqueness to your space. You can easily create them yourself by using cardboard letters from a craft store, or even the dollar store, and adding lights.


Have any DIY décor pieces that you’re proud of? Share them with us by tagging @livottawa in your photos! You can see more DIY inspiration on our Pinterest Page.

Have fun crafting!

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