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Exercises to Build Better Grip Strength


Ever had difficulty opening a jar of jam, moving a heavy object or simply carrying groceries from the car into your house in one trip? We all try to do it and we either succeed, can’t do it or the bag breaks… BOO!

Grip strength is important in everyday life, as well as in the gym. Doing exercises such as deadlifts, rows and pull-ups will help with grip strength but in the long run, you will need to do some additional exercises to ensure you will have a better workout.

Below are some grip strength exercises to help you in the gym and in your daily routine, as well. Remember these are not exercises to incorporate in all of your workouts. Add one of the below to each workout you do during the week.

Plate Pinch

– Pinch a plate in your hand between your fingers without holding on to the handle
– Hold the weights at your side for as long as you can. Too easy? Try pinching two plates together

* Try 3 sets to failure


– Lie face-down on the floor with your hands at shoulder width a part on the ground
– Your toes should be driving into the floor while trying to grab a handful of the ground
– Your body should align from the back of your head down to your heels
– This will activate your forearms which is important for grip strength

* Try 3 sets to failure

Farmer’s Walk (One of my favorites!)

– Hold onto a pair of heavy kettlebells (weight adjusts according to the fitness level you are at)
– While keeping the core engaged, walk from one end of the gym to the other side until you can no longer hold onto the weights with full grip strength

* Try 3 sets to failure

Partial-Grip Pull-Up

– Grasp a pull-up bar shoulder width a part. Your hands should be facing down
– Leave your thumbs out while performing the pull-ups as normal
– If you need assistance, use a resistant band for support and loop it around the pull up bar

* Try 3 sets to failure

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