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Exploring Chiropractic Adjustments


What is a Chiropractic adjustment?

This is a question that my clients often ask me so I spoke with a colleague of mine, Dr. Melanie Stewart, a chiropractor at the Somerset Health & Wellness Centre and this is the information she provided me.

Chiropractic adjustments can be very comfortable and very effective at reducing pressure and pain. Chiropractic adjustment and mobilization is a treatment in which a chiropractor uses his/her hands to apply a quick, precise, and safe amount of pressure to the problem area in the spine, or joints. It may take just one adjustment to relieve a specific problem area. This form of treatment is designed to quickly relieve pressure on a joint that is stuck, relieve a pinched nerve, increase motion and improve posture.

The amount of treatment you may need is dependent on your diagnosis, your age, and your physical health. Only after a chiropractic examination, the chiropractor can make the proper recommendation for your course of care.

You can also help relieve discomfort through massage therapy. Book an appointment with myself, Cindy Thompson, Registered Massage Therapist at the LIV Health & Wellness Centre! If a chiropractor is needed, I can gladly provide a recommendation.

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