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Fall Décor to Spice up your LIV Apartment


Fall is upon us and it’s time to swap out those vibrate summer colours for a warmer, cozier palette. Fall décor can range from colours or textures that create an overall feeling of warmth and comfort. As the temperature cools, the desire to stay inside and curl up with a cozy blanket increases, so your home might as well be decorated to suit! We have gathered a few fall décor ideas that you can incorporate into your LIV Apartment.


Red, yellow, orange and brown are the typical fall colours that you can add into your décor. These colours can be incorporated in a variety of ways from natural elements, candles, decorative pillows, throw blanket, etc.

Natural Elements

Adding in leaves, branches, pumpkins or gourds bring the outside fall elements indoors. Simply placing leaves or branches in a vase creates the fall feel without overwhelming your space. You can also add a few decorative pumpkins to a bookshelf or table to bring subtle fall elements to your apartment.


Candles bring an automatic warmth to your space – incorporate fall colours or scents to your candles. You can even create a beautiful fall inspired centerpiece with leaves and a few candles.

Spice Pots

Guests don’t have to see fall décor to feel a sense of fall in your space. When guests are visiting, boil a pot of water with warm spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, etc. to create a warm and welcoming aroma.

Pillows and Blankets

If you’re looking to prepare for the fall weather without adding additional colours or festive pieces to your space, bringing out the warm, fuzzy blankets and throw pillows is a great way to adjust your apartment. After all, who doesn’t enjoy curling up on the couch amongst comfy pillows and blankets? An automatic sense of comfort is created by adding these simple touches.


Our LIV Apartment residents have proven to be amazing decorators – share your fall décor with us by tagging @livottawa in your photos! Looking for fall décor ideas? Check out our Pinterest Page for some inspiration.

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