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Give Your Home Some Holiday Spirit


Au revoir, fall! With pumpkin spice lattes out and peppermint mochas in, it’s safe to say that winter is here. That being said, decorating for this festive time is so much fun and will brighten your home right up. Look below for some décor ideas that will spruce up your LIV Apartment and bring some holiday cheer to your home.

Vintage Inspired Lighting – $17.50
Plop this bad boy on your dining table and you instantly have an eye-catching display. Copper wiring and LED lights are inside a glass cloche and emit a cozy, warm light!

Chalkboard Stocking Holder – $68.00
Get a well-made wooden stocking holder to hold all the precious goodies you’re giving to your loved ones! If you’re looking for cute stockings, check out these knit ones.

Grinch Shaped Mug – $20.00
Yeah, we didn’t think we needed it either until we saw it. Pour yourself a cup of coffee in this groovy mug, it’s sure to make you smile in the morning.

Giant Candy Jars – DIY!
Very Khloe Kardashian-esque, grab some elegant glass jars from the dollar store or thrift store and fill them with your favourite holiday candy! Candy canes, Hershey kisses or even pine cones and ornaments will add a sweet element to your home.

Cranberry Peppermint Candle - $29.50
Delicious and cozy, this holiday scent will fill your home with an amazing smell!

The best thing about this cold time of the year, is that it’s the merriest time of the year! You’ll love coming home to warmth and holiday happiness with just a couple additions to your place.

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