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Guide to Owning Your First Pet


Owning a pet for the first time is an exciting experience! Depending on the type of pet you have brought into your home, the maintenance and preparation will vary. Fish and Hamsters require less commitment than Cats and Dogs. With LIV Apartments being 100% pet friendly, most of our residents have added cats or dogs to their family. For this reason, we’ll focus on owning your first cat or dog and we have put together a little guide to help you prepare for bringing your first pet home!

ID Tag

Try to ensure you have an up to date ID Tag on your pets collar that identifies their name, along with your phone number and address in case anything were to happen or your pet were to get loose. Some pet owners opt for the microchip option in the chance that their pet were to get loose from their collar.


Pets are similar to babies in that it may take some testing to find the food that they like the best. While also keeping their nutritional needs in mind, it may be best to purchase smaller quantities of food until you have found the best match. As a LIV Apartments resident, you have access to great perks through our LIV Local Partners! WAG Pet Shop offers a free pet food delivery service and a discount off the first purchase of select pet foods.


You want your pet to be as cozy as you are in your bed. Purchase a cozy bed for them to call home – or at least with the intentions of them calling it their home (we know how hard it can be to resist letting your pet curl up in bed with you; those puppy dog eyes are hard to say no to).


Puppies and kittens are very curious, and will likely find their way into trouble or create a mess. To avoid some potential disasters, purchase toys that will keep your pet entertained. Squeaky toys for dogs and climbing posts for cats are a great start!


As with people, animals need accessories and maintenance items also! Brushes, shampoos, leashes, harnesses, crates, travel carriers, bones and treats to clean teeth, etc. Take advantage of the Pet Spa at LIV to give your pets an easy bath and ask our concierge about our pet grooming options!

If you’re bringing your furry friend home during the winter, check out tips here on how to keep your pets warm this winter and here on preparing to keep your pets active.

Say Hello to a few of our furry pet residents!


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