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Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy


Most kitchens can get very messy and cluttered fast. To help organize your various kitchen supplies of all shapes and sizes, follow these 5 hacks to keep your kitchen looking tidy and clean.

1. Use a stylish tray to put your countertop clutter on
Take your counter clutter and make it into a décor piece on your countertop. Simply purchase a round or rectangular serving tray and put things like your salt & pepper, olive oil and sugar on the tray.

Cooking utensils on table

2. Hang your utensils or pans on a rack
No more room in your drawers? Purchase a rack to hang your utensils or pans on to save room. You can also try to DIY a rack by putting pipe clips on a piece of wood and hanging it on your wall for a rustic look.

kitchen rack hanging with kitchen utensils

3. Invest in large jars to store your snacks
To organize the inside of your drawers, purchase large plastic or glass jars to store your food in, such as cereal, lentils, rice, pasta, nuts, etc. You’ll love how this turns out if everything is organized in an orderly manner.

Collection of grain products, buckwheat, pasta, peas and red beans in storage jars over on kitchen. Jar of cereals in kitchen cupboard

4. Use drawer inserts for your cutlery
Keep your cutlery in order and tidy with utensil trays that you can insert in your drawers. This keeps them together and takes up less space.

Opened kitchen drawer with a tray and cutlery set  inside. View

5. Use jumbo utensil holders
For your wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles, etc. invest in large cup holders to put them in. This makes it easy to grab when cooking and keeps them organized.

Holder with clean kitchen utensils on table. Space for text

These 5 hacks will transform your LIV Apartments kitchen into a tidier and cleaner space that will make you excited to cook!

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