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Halloween Party Ideas for your LIV Apartment


Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re planning on attending a party or having some friends around to your LIV Apartment, check out some of the decorative ideas below to play up on the Halloween theme.


– Write spooky messages on your bathroom mirror with red lipstick
– Create bleeding candles by dripping red wax over white candles
– Dress a manikin up as a patient and place inside your dog crate to create a spooky corner in your apartment
– Add flake blood hand prints to bathroom towels



– Use cauldrons to hold snack items
– Create a specialty drink with red food colouring to resemble blood
– Place a bowl inside a pumpkin, fill with ice, and use as a cooler to keep drinks cold
– Fill a plastic glove with water, freeze, then use as ice for a punch bowl
– Have guacamole or spinach dip pouring out of a carved pumpkins mouth


For more details on these Halloween ideas and for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page.

Share your Halloween decorations with us by tagging @livottawa in your photos!

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