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How To Be A Good LIV Apartment Neighbour


With so many new and exciting people joining our LIV Apartments community, we want to ensure that you have a great experience! To help you transition into the building, we have put together a few suggestions for how you can be a good neighbour.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor, especially early in the morning or late at night. You may not realize the volume at which your TV or radio are playing or if you’re talking loudly. It’s best to keep the volume down or ask your neighbours if they can hear to help you judge your volume levels.

Say Hi

LIV Apartment residents have built a community – get to know your neighbours by introducing yourself or saying hi in the hallway. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone in the building, but a simple smile or hello can go a long way!

Participate in Events

LIV Apartments loves hosting events and gatherings for our residents – they aren’t mandatory by any means, but they are a great way to get to know new people in the building.

Get to Know the Building Staff

LIV staff are super friendly, and would love to meet you! Get to know the on-site staff members that you haven’t met yet. They are also your point of contact for any questions that you may have about your new apartment.

Pet Etiquette

LIV Apartments is 100% pet friendly, and there are a ton of pet-residents to prove for it! We love your furry friends as much as you do, but it’s always safe to make sure that you house train your pet to decrease the chances of them barking or causing disturbances while you’re away.

Don’t Gossip

Who wants to hear about your own information from somebody you don’t know or that you didn’t share it with? Nobody likes a neighbour who gossips around the building.

We hope you enjoy your stay at LIV Apartments! Share your LIV photos with us by tagging @livottawa.

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