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Maintaining Your LIV Apartment


Maintaining your apartment is just part of living on your own and it’s important to keep up with it. Clutter, dust and an overflowing hamper are not what you want to come home to, so check out these tips and avoid a monthly meltdown!

Cleaning Schedule

Start by establishing a weekly cleaning schedule. It comes in handy when you have roommates!
Check out this printable cleaning checklist.

Hamper Hack

Laundry day comes and goes, but your hamper stays untouched. Honestly, it happens to everyone. If you know you can’t get around to doing your laundry on time, avoid having your clothes spill out by getting a large hamper with a lid. Keeping it contained keeps your entire room from looking like a disaster.

This hamper has a lid and two compartments so you can sort and organize before you wash clothes.

Label, label, label!

This tip doubles as an excuse to buy a label maker, but they’re certainly not necessary. Make sure that everything has its own place (even dedicate a junk drawer to miscellaneous things) and label away.

Here’s a master list of printable label templates for pretty much everything.

Think Before You Buy

Handing over your credit card is the easy part. Once it enters your home, it will take up space, time and energy. Remember to think twice before you bring something home – is it absolutely necessary?


The snail mail adds up and finds a home for a couple weeks on your desk. Say goodbye to this problem by keeping record and scanning all important documents.

Apps like Evernote and a Budget and Bills Tracker keep it under control so you can safely throw away papers that clutter your space.

And if this is all going over your head or you have the busiest week coming up, be sure to contact the Concierge for details on LIV Apartments’ housekeeping services!
Keeping your home clean and clutter-free will give you a peace of mind you couldn’t even imagine. Try out these tips and let us know if they work for you!

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