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Make Moving-In a Breeze with These Tips & Tricks


Moving in may be equal parts exciting as it is stressful, but being well-prepared means you can avoid having a total meltdown in your new home. Here are some foolproof tips and tricks for making sure your move-in goes as flawlessly as possible!


Purge – Keep, Ditch, and Donate
The first step is to go through your clutter and keep what you really need. We recommend making three piles: stuff you want to keep, stuff you can ditch, and stuff that you could donate. It’s an easy way to go into your new home already organized and give back to your community at the same time.

Tip: In the weeks leading up to your move-in, keep your newspapers! It’s a cost-saving method that protects your fragile houseware from breaking.

Moving Materials – Collect, collect, collect!
You could easily go to Home Depot and pick up some boxes, but it doesn’t hurt to visit any large department stores near you and see if they’ve got any to give. Be sure to ask friends and family as well!

Trick: Use different colours of tape to organize what goes where. You won’t have to waste time writing down what room they go in.

Smart Packing – Thinking Ahead
Thinking ahead is what’s really going to make this easier on you. There’s some genius ideas out there, so don’t be afraid to google packing hacks.

Trick: Here’s one that’ll save you tons of time. By poking a hole through a garbage bag, you can group sections of your clothes together for easy transporting.

Moving In
First off, eat a good breakfast. This is an all-day event, so eating a big breakfast will help you feel energized throughout process. On the bright side, it’s basically a day-long workout.

Packing For The Night – Essentials Only
The first sleep in your home is a funny one. Don’t worry about having to be fully moved-in within the first day because that’s pretty much impossible. Since you’ll be half moved-in, it’s important to pack your essentials – toothbrush, comfy clothes, and contact case – to hold you over until you can keep unpacking.

Tip: Use a small suitcase or duffel bag, just like you would for a weekend trip away.

Transportation – Round Up Your Friends
What are friends really for, right? Take a peek at your contact list and ask who can help you on the big day! A few helpful hands is all it takes (even better if they have a car).

Trick: Start with the big stuff – couches, tables, mattresses. Since those take the longest to maneuver into your new space, getting those out of the way first is a good idea.

Pets – Call In a Favour
LIV Apartments is 100% pet friendly and we love our furry residents, but moving-in can create a lot of unnecessary stress for pets. It takes a while for them to get accommodated to a new space, so ask a friend to keep them just for the initial day so you can focus on getting the place all ready for them.

Tip: Have someone continuously unpacking as others bring things in. That way as more gets put in, it doesn’t become a giant chaotic mess.

Let’s talk about a much need refresher. Instead of having to eat pre-packed snacks that probably won’t fill you up, walk down to the Blended Café for a quick and nutritious bite to eat! Don’t deny yourself a break, you’re going to need it.

Focus – Kitchen First
The quicker you can get your delicate plates and cups out of the way and your pots and pans put away, the sooner you can start using your kitchen.

Trick: Check out our Easy Meals Pinterest board. Your fridge probably won’t be stocked up just yet, so these simple meals will save you!

Alright, you’ve had a long and busy day. It’s time for the cliché moment you’ve been waiting for! Order in and eat well-deserved pizza right on your floor.
Tip: As a LIV resident, you can get amazing combos from our LIV Local Partner, Downtown Pizza, with an extra 15% off!

Post Move-In
Now you can sit back and get situated with your surroundings. Get acquainted with your pet neighbours up on the SKY Level’s Dog Run or chill out on the Rooftop Patio. There’s tons of amenities so be sure to check out our post on what exactly LIV Apartments has to offer you.

We promise moving in can be tear-free. Take it easy and enjoy your new space. We’re happy to have you!

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