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Making The Most of Your Space


Unless you live in a cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter, you can make any space work for you. Regardless, you can still feel like a wizard with these magical tips that will help transform your space into a fully functional apartment. See below for some tricks!

Vertical Space

Ditch the bulky dressers and floor lamps for floating shelves, wall lights and a large art piece. By keeping things off the floor, any room is instantly less cramped and adding a painting or decoration as a bold, focal point really opens up the room.

Shop This Style: This vintage-esque wall light is sure to enhance the ambiance of a living room. Dark décor in contrast to a bright, white room also adds depth.

Colour Scheme

Choose a general neutral or monochromatic colour scheme and add pops of colour throughout. Grey tones and creams are a great base to work off of.

Helpful Hack: Check out this article on how to incorporate colour in your living space.

Ditch The Fluff

When you have a smaller apartment or room to work with, only focus on the furniture that you absolutely need. Get a feel for your living habits and prioritize functionality over the fluff like a decorative coffee table.

Helpful Hack: Key word – multi-purpose. Beds with built-in storage, sofa beds and collapsible rolling carts can be used for a multitude of things, which means buying and maintaining less things for you.

Save Seating Space

At LIV Apartments, a free-standing kitchen island in each apartment is a space saving and helpful hack in and of itself. As much as a dining table may feel like a staple, adding bar stools to your kitchen island is all you really need to have a place to prep, place and eat your meals.

Shop This Style: This mod and adjustable stool is great for any height you need.


Not only a great way to reflect more light back into your place, but all mirrors – big or small, standing or hanging – bring an airiness to your home.

DIY This Décor: Drop by the dollar store for some small mirror stick-ons that you can create an entire gallery wall out of! Build around your other art and play with the sizes for an eccentric feel.

Add more value to your apartment by focusing on the essentials in a way that will optimize your living space. You’re basically halfway there after reading these tips!
Book your tour of LIV Apartments today. Open concept, modern and amenity-rich, these apartments are the perfect space to work off of and make your own.

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