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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Now


2019 is fast approaching and so are the realizations that we probably only stuck to the ones we made a year ago for a month before forgetting about them. New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just about making these giant goals that are hard to accomplish – they’re more about being proactive and getting even the little things done.  It’s difficult to break old habits and start new ones, so this year, make your resolutions reasonable and you’ll see how much more you get done!

  1. Network

No matter what profession or program you’re in, take some time to network and make genuine connections this year! Hop on LinkedIn, find a profile that inspires you and ask to meet for coffee. These little meet-ups can make all the difference and further your career so much.

  1. Clean Often

Seriously, de-cluttering and coming home to a clean space saves you a lot of unnecessary stress. If you stay on top of your daily or weekly clean ups, you’ll never feel like you’re cleaning your entire place all at once. De-cluttering also means going through your emails, messages and bills regularly – an inbox with 2,068 unread emails is pretty terrifying to look at.

  1. Create a Budget

Constant complaining about being broke, sadly, will not magically add money to your bank account. Talk to a financial advisor at your local branch and see what kind of savings plan or investment plans will work for you. Graduating with student debt sucks and you can probably avoid a lot of it by actively being smart with your money.

  1. Catch Up With Friends and Family

Life is busy and finding time for friends and family is getting harder and harder. If you can dedicate specific times or days where you can meet up for brunch or come by to visit, do it! Bring them by LIV Apartments and catch up on your favourite shows in the theater or grab a bite to eat at Blended. Don’t forget about the tech that makes this all a lot easier: FaceTime, Skype and phone calls are easy ways to catch up and multi-task at the same time.

  1. Reduce Time Spent on Social Media

If you’ve started receiving your Screen Time Reports on your phone and you’re a little shocked at all the time wasted, you aren’t the only one. Use the limit settings to block yourself from going over what you feel is necessary for you – it’s like a breath of fresh air. By the same token, take time to do the things you really like – photography, reading, sports – you name it, you definitely have time to put it in your calendar.

You’ve probably been wanting to do all these things for a while and just haven’t gotten round to it. Well, here’s your chance and the best part is you can start doing any of it right away. If you have any other suggestions, leave us a comment below!

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