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Organizing your LIV Apartment for Fall


As the crisp air approaches, it’s time to prepare for a new season. Performing a full clean on your apartment isn’t restricted to spring cleaning, fall is a perfect time to remove the last remnants of summer and prepare for fall and winter. In preparation for the change in season, we have put together a few suggestions for how you can keep your LIV Apartment organized.

Store Summer Items

Storing away summer items frees up space for your winter gear and creates a cleaner space. Sporting equipment, summer toys, summer shoes, etc. are all items that you can hide away in containers under a bed or in a storage unit. Speak to one of the on-site Customer Care Coordinators for storage options at LIV Apartments.

Organize Closet

Bringing the heavier, winter clothing items forward and moving the summer attire to the back of your closet makes accessing your fall season clothing easier. While you’re organizing your closet, it’s a great time to remove or donate any items that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn. Optimize all areas of your closet by using the top shelving for heavier sweaters and jeans that can be folded, or add shoe racks and store your summer shoes so they’re out of the way.

Balcony Storage

Unless your balcony furniture is weather proof, it’s a good idea to bring those items in to avoid rust and damage during the fall and winter months. If your furniture is weather proof, bring in any cushions or fabric items to ensure they keep their shape and expand the life span.

Boot Tray

Prepare for the fall and winter foot wear by adding boot trays or additional shoe racks to accommodate the larger items and keep your entry way clean and free of salt during the winter.

Clean Apartment

While you’re organizing different areas of your apartment, it’s a great time to do a full fall clean. Move furniture and clean underneath and behind, throw out items that you no longer need or use. This not only makes your space cleaner, it makes you feel better and frees up space for you to bring out the winter blankets without feeling cluttered and messy.

While you’re organizing your LIV Apartment, check out our Pinterest Page for some organization and storage ideas.

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