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PAWsome LIV Apartment Décor Ideas to Keep Your Pets Cozy


We want to make sure that our pet residents are just as cozy in their LIV Apartment as you are! Depending on the size of pet you have, apartment living may not always be the easiest transition.

Try some of our tips below to help make your apartment space the best for your pets!

Soft Grounds

Hardwood floors may be easier for clean up, but they can be cold and slippery for your little friends’ paws. Add some area rugs or plush floor cushions to help your pets stay warm.

Throw Blankets

Most pets LOVE to jump up on the couch or bed, and who knows what they do when we’re not home! Make your space pet friendly by adding throw blankets on the edge of your bed or furniture – they not only protect your furniture from fur, rips and scratches, but they also make a very cozy bed for your pets to curl up on.

Special Areas

Who isn’t guilty of spoiling their furry friends? We might as well go a little further and give them a designated pet area. There are a ton of dog bed options with modern designs; you can buy one that matches your décor and it’ll never look out of place! Add some fun toys, blankets, and anything else your dog loves. Cats may spend most of their time sleeping, but they also love to explore and climb. There are a ton of shelving units designed with cats in mind and some having subtle stairs built in or areas for them to curl up. Wag Pet Shop offers a variety of pet supplies that your furry friend will LOVE!

Looking for more ideas? Follow our LIV Apartments Pinterest Page and check out our Pet Décor board.

Check out some of our pet residents in their cozy home.


Don’t forget to share pictures of your pets with us for a chance to appear on our social pages! Tag @livottawa and use #PetResident – we love to see our furry friends living at LIV Apartments.

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