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Preparing to Keep Your Pets Active This Winter


Winter is an adjustment for our pets as much as it is for us. We have so many amazing pet-residents at LIV Apartments and we want to make sure they stay happy and healthy all year long!

Winter is approaching, and to get you prepared we have outlined some suggestions below to help keep your pets active this winter.


Being cautious of the temperature, walks are a great way to get your dog out for some exercise and fresh air. You can also take advantage of the outdoor pet run behind the building for those nicer days where you can soak up some sun and catch fresh air. On the colder days, try shorter walks and consider using booties on your pup’s paws. Check out some tips on how to keep your pet warm, here.


Use treats as encouragement and get your pet engaged! Use interactive and treat dispensing toys that your pet will have to work at to receive. This helps to get them moving and is much more rewarding!


When you and your pet are cooped up inside, try learning some new tricks. Not only will your pet have more tricks under their belt, it also gets them moving and staying active during the chillier days when outside time isn’t as feasible.


Play with your pets to get them moving inside. Wrestle, play a small game of fetch, hide and seek or chase to get their heartrate up and avoid cabin fever. If it’s nice outside, take them out to play in the snow! There are a variety of indoor play toys that you and your pet can utilize for indoor fun. Visit Wag Pet Shop and take advantage of your #LIVLocal perk of 10% off your first purchase of select pet foods while you’re there!

We want your furry friends to live a happy and active life, and we also love seeing their adorable faces. Share a photo of your pet by tagging @livottawa or send a photo of your pet to for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to Pet Smart!

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