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Sleep Better With These Tips


It’s time to jazz up your sleep routine. Sure, watching videos on YouTube or scrolling through your Pinterest feed for an hour before bed is calming, but it ends up doing you more harm than good. A huge part of being awake and active during the day is sticking to a sleep schedule that works for you!

Night Mode

If you didn’t know your phone emits blue light, now you know. Blue light tricks your mind into thinking it’s still daylight and makes it harder to fall asleep. The easiest way to eliminate this issue is by not using your phone before bed – it’s hard, but try turning your phone on night mode or listen to a podcast instead.

Spotify has an entire section dedicated to podcasts, so go crazy! Check out this article on the best ones according to Complex.

Clearing Your Mind

Your day is filled with things to do, social interaction and deadlines. When you come home, you may still be stressed and tense. It’s important to make a conscious effort to minimize feelings of anxiety with activities like meditation, breathing exercises and writing in a journal. Writing down your worries and feelings may seem old-school, but you can use websites like WordPress to keep an online journal.

Visit WordPress to create a free account and start typing away!

Sleep Schedule

Yikes. It’s a challenge, but it’s a heroic one. Sleeping in and taking naps is inevitable, but try and keep it to a minimum. Going to bed and waking up at the same hours helps create a body clock, which reduces the times you sleep past or miss your awful phone alarm by a lot.

Download SleepScore to track your sleep cycle. It’ll wake you up when you’ll be less groggy and give you suggestions on improving your sleep.

Exercise and Yoga

Whether it’s playing with your pet in the Dog Run or hitting the gym on the Sky Level, squeezing in even an hour of exercise a day is good for the mind and body. Make sure you exercise awhile before bedtime or the adrenaline will keep you up.

For suggestions of fitness routines in the gym, check out our previous blog.

Keep Stress Away From Your Home

If you do your work in the bed or bedroom, staying in the same environment when you’re trying to get some shut eye can seriously add on to the problem. That’s why we recommend creating a space for work aside from your bedroom, no matter how big or small, to keep that stress away from your bed. Take advantage of LIV’s naturally lit living areas and create your home office space – for decorating tips, check out our blog here.

Head down to the Blended Café or Business Centre to finish your work without leaving the building!

With life throwing us a million things to do at once, it’s hard to make time to catch a good night’s sleep. By actively working towards a better sleep, these simple tricks should help you catch those Z’s and you’ll hopefully never have to click snooze fifty times before you actually wake up ever again.


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