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Socializing with a Busy Schedule


It can be hard to organize a time to meet up with friends and family when you have an on-the-go schedule. To improve your work/life balance, We have put together a few suggestions for how you can squeeze some socializing time into your busy schedule!


If you’re studying in a coffee shop or have a lunch break at work, you can use this time to invite a friend or family member to join you. Even an hour to catch-up can do wonders! Not only do you get to see a friendly face, it’s also a great mind break from the work you’ve been focusing on.

Group Gatherings

Whether it’s a group of friends or some of your family members, you can host a dinner or drinks at your LIV Apartment to catch up and give yourself a break from your busy schedule. Organizing a night like this doesn’t have to be complex! Pick a night, invite people, order some take out and chat – minimal prep on your end. If you happen to host a larger event, you may want to consider renting the party room or theatre room – you can speak to one of the Customer Care Coordinators on-site for more details.


You need to eat, regardless of your schedule. Invite someone to join you for a quick bite to eat at your favourite restaurant. An easy get together that doesn’t have to take up your whole night.


When schedules are just too complicated or the idea of blocking out a few hours in your day is causing stress, arrange for a quick Skype or FaceTime session! Quick, easy, and you can get back to your schedule as soon as the call finishes.

A work/school/life balance is important for everyone. We hope these suggestions help you stay connected to your friends and family members! Share your favourite ways to socialize during a busy schedule in the comments below.

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