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The 4 Best Spots for Pancakes in Ottawa 


It’s Saturday morning and you’re craving some fluffy, soft, syrupy pancakes. Where do you go? Lucky for you (and for us), we did the research. Check out these 4 spots for unreal pancakes near LIV Apartments.

Stoneface Dolly’s | 416 Preston Street

In addition to an entire menu of amazing food, their pancakes are one of the best. Add your choice of blueberries, chocolate chips, raspberries, strawberries or bananas for an even more decedent and delicious breakfast.

Flapjack’s Canadian Diner | 354a Preston Street

This classic lumberjack themed diner originated as Flackjack’s Pancake Shack, a food truck located just off of Bank Street. When you start with serving just pancakes, you know they’re experts in the field. Top your pancakes with almost any topping you could imagine. If you feel like mixing it up, try one of their Panwiches – a new take on breakfast sandwiches.

Baker Street Café | 385 Richmond Road

Pancakes bigger than your face, topped with a mound of fruit. It’s a challenge of your eating capabilities to devour the entire plate! Choose from blueberry, banana or chocolate chip. Trust us, you’ll love this dish so much you’ll be going back every weekend.

Jax | 479 Bronson Avenue

Disclaimer – we can’t guarantee you’ll have access to pancakes every time you visit Jax as they’re generally featured as a special. But, when pancakes are a special feature, you better get out the door. With flavours like Cocoa Cakes with Berry Jam and Peanut Butter Whipped Cream, Vanilla Cakes with Dulce de Leche Whipped Cream and Granola, and Red Velvet Cakes with Raspberry Compote and Cream Cheese Whipped, they’re a treat you’re happy to wait for. Follow them on Instagram @jax_resto_ to follow their weekend specials.

LIV Apartments_Ottawa Pancakes

Done your own research? Share your favourite pancakes spots in Ottawa!

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