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Tips for Transforming Your Rental Apartment


You’ve just moved into your new LIV Apartment and it’s time to unpack and settle in. Even though your space is a rental, it’s important to make it your own and turn the space into a home for the time you’re there. LIV is a warm and welcoming community and we want you to love the space that you’re in! Follow a few of our tips below and turn your rental apartment into your home.

1. Plants/Herbs

Whether you have plants by the window, flowers on the table or create a little herb garden in your kitchen, plants bring life and freshness to your space.

2. Balcony

If your rental apartment comes with a balcony, use it as an extension of your apartment. Add outdoor furniture to create a cozy space outside. Get tips on elevating your balcony here.

3. Photography

Add personal touches to your space with photographs of friends, family, trips or artwork that you love. Pictures automatically bring warmth and make a space feel like home.

4. Lighting

Adding floor lamps can help to brighten up the space and bring out your personal style. With so many floor lamps becoming a focal point in a room, it’s a great feature to add.

5. Colour

As most rental apartments are a blank slate with white walls, add colour in the form of artwork, pillows, blankets, or furniture. Learn about colours that will make your space feel larger here.


Share the décor tips that you used to turn your LIV Apartment into your home by tagging @livottawa in your photos! You can also get more décor inspiration on our Pinterest Page.

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