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Tips for Working From Your LIV Apartment


The option to work from home part-time or full-time has taken off with a lot of companies in Ottawa. Luckily for those working from home, LIV Apartment is equipped with a variety of spaces for you to work from.

Home Office

If you don’t have a home office set up in your unit, you can easily create one by taking over a table or island space for the time you are working. Set up the space with your computer, chargers, and any other items you may need to avoid looking around for additional items and to help you stay focused. You can find décor ideas for your home office on our Pinterest page, here!


For those who don’t have a home office set up, or prefer to step away from your apartment, LIV Apartments has a ton of areas where you can set up.

Business Centre

The business centre is a great place for you to work if you want a more quiet space, as the centre is slightly outside of the main lobby and common areas. The area is equipped up with a table, printer and a large screen where you can access a computer. The keyboard and mouse to operate the computer are available at the Concierge desk located in the main lobby.


Café and Lounge

For a more common area to work, the Residents Café and Lounge has multiple chairs and a large table for you to work. The area is very central and does tend to become a common grouping area for residents and visitors, but great for those who want to work in a populated area. A major plus to this area is that it hosts the FREE coffee and tea to keep you fueled!



The lobby has two very cozy couches and a coffee table where you can work from if you don’t mind a little noise. As the area is located as soon as you enter the building, it can get a little noisy and populated (especially when the puppies are around).


Theatre Room

The space may be set up as a theatre room with a large TV, but it also has chairs and coffee tables where you could work from. As the area isn’t used as much during typical day-time working hours, it’s a great alternative space for you to set up shop and work from for the day!


A note to keep in mind when working from home is to prioritize what activities you can complete independently and which activities require input from your team and may be best for when you are in the office.

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