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Tips to Get Back into a Gym Routine


We all strive to live a healthy lifestyle and commit to a routine. Whether you are heading back to the gym after taking some time off or are completely new to the fitness scene, below are some tips to help make the gym a part of your daily routine.

1. Fuel Yourself, the Right Way

Meal prepping and eating healthy is the most important concept when it comes to staying in shape and staying on the right track. Keep pre-workout snacks with you to eat 30-90 minutes prior to exercising so you are not too tired to work your hardest. These foods should be easily digestible.

Use the weekend to go grocery shopping and Sunday’s to prep for the week. You will quickly see how rewarding it is to eat healthy and how great you will start feeling about yourself.

2. Avoid Peak Times

Gyms can get crowded, especially in the summer when everyone is trying to look their best. To ensure a good workout, try avoiding peak hours like lunchtime and after office hours. Having too many people around you when you are starting to get back into the regime might get intimidating.

3. Ask or Research

When you start working out regularly, you want to switch your workouts up so you don’t get bored. Do not avoid machines that scare or confuse you. Instead, ask for help or go online and YouTube how to properly use the equipment. Keep your workouts interesting!

4. Don’t Forget to Breathe

When completing a weight training program or cardio, people tend to forget the important component of the exercise. BREATING! When running on the treadmill or biking, avoid shallow breaths. You want to take stronger and deeper breaths when doing cardio. Therefore, take the time to find your rhythm and routine.

For strength training, generally you want to breathe out on the difficult part of the lift. Think, inhale to prepare and take a breath before each rep.

5. Work With a Personal Trainer

If you are unsure about what to do in the gym, you should work with a personal trainer for a couple weeks to learn new exercises, learn how to use the machines and weights, learn how to push yourself and have someone who can monitor your cardio. Splurging a little on a personal trainer will help you kick-start your routine to help you towards your fitness goals. Also, working with a personal training will prevent you from getting injured if you do not know how to properly perform the exercises.

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