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Tips to help you during Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a great time of the year that generally involves A LOT of food and family gatherings. Staying organized and stress-free can be a challenge with so much going on. Whether you’re hosting a get together at LIV Apartments or visiting friends or family, we have put together a few tips to help you stay organized.

Planning Ahead

Especially when you are organizing a Thanksgiving event at your place, planning ahead is a BIG component to a successful gathering. Create a game plan before you start anything – determine the menu and all ingredients you will need, the decorations or centerpiece, place settings, etc. Once you have your vision in mind, organize your shopping list for fast and efficient shopping. Map out which stores you need to go to and what you’re getting at each – a list will be your friend here. If you’re hosting at LIV Apartments, consider renting out the Mingle Room for more space – speak to an on-site Customer Care Coordinator for more details.

Avoiding Overeating

We all know the amount of food we can consume during a Thanksgiving meal – everything is just so delicious that you can’t say no, and dessert time is game over. When you have multiple dinners or events to attend, the amount of food can be excessive. If you’re looking to avoid overeating, try to control your portions. When you have multiple meals in one day, stick to small and light items at the first event and indulge in dessert at only one of the meals, rather than eating a full meal at both sittings.

Coordinating Gatherings

You have a brunch and two dinners in one day, what do you do?! Coordinating your appearances at all events can be overwhelming when you want to see everyone. In this instance, you can attend the brunch, make an appearance at one of the dinners to say hi and catch up, then attend the second dinner and stay for the meal. For situations when you aren’t able to attend but still want to see the host, try to arrange for a lunch or dinner date after Thanksgiving, or even a coffee date to catch up.

We love to see our residents hosting dinner parties – share your Thanksgiving set up with us by tagging @livottawa in your photos! For some fall décor inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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