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Tips to Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter


Keeping your pets warm and safe during the winter months is crucial for their health. LIV Apartments is 100% pet-friendly and we have a ton of pet-residents to prove for it! We love your pets as much as you do and have come up with a few tips for how to keep them warm and comfortable for the remainder of the winter.

Bundle Up

Sweaters, jackets and boots are a great way to keep your pets warm to help avoid damage to their skin from the cold air/ground. Walks aren’t always the most feasible, especially during the really cold days. For some quick fresh air without going for long walks, take advantage of the outdoor pet run at the back of the parking lot!


Keeping a longer coat of hair or fur on your pet is a great way to add insulation and keep their bodies warm. As our pet’s skin can become dry and irritated with the colder weather, make use of the pet spa downstairs and give your pet a warm, soothing bath. During the colder months, you can switch to a spray shampoo to keep your pet clean and moisturized.

Food and Water

Pets eat more food during the winter to add extra fat as a way to protect their bodies from the cold temperatures. Make sure your pets are well fed and hydrated for their bodies to stay well insulated.


Your pets should be warm and comfortable at all times. Store their bed in a warm area away from cold drafts and keep extra blankets nearby in case needed. Also make sure the heat in your apartment is at a reasonable temperate while you’re away to ensure they are warm. Check out how you can keep your pets cozy at home, here.


For more tips and ideas for taking care of your pet, check out our Pinterest Page.

We love to see our pet-residents, especially when they’re cozy at home or bundled in their winter gear. Share photos of your pets by tagging @livottawa!

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