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Transitioning your Home into Summer


As summer’s approaching, not only is it time to bring out your summer wardrobe, but it is also time to revamp your home with vibrant colours and an outdoor patio. Check out below our top five design tips for summer!

1. Decorate with Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants are a perfect way to give your home a bright and colourful look that you’ll love. As buying weekly flowers can add up in cost, plants are a less-expensive option that will last longer.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Take advantage of your backyard or balcony space and buy a patio set. Instead of sitting inside with guests, show off your summery outdoor patio. Make sure to buy a set that is comfortable and choose accessories such as pattered pillows, outdoor tablewear and lights to create a stylish look that you’ll want to show off!

3. Summer Scents

To freshen up your house for summer, use candles to decorate and to create a refreshing scent. Popular summer scents include ocean breeze, melon and citrus. Candles are also a nice touch to a side table to add a pop of colour.

4. Get a Bright Coloured Duvet

Change your winter duvet cover to a lighter one that is linen or cotton for the warmer weather. Buy a colourful duvet to brighten up the room for summer; for example, a bright white, blue or yellow duvet would lighten up the room beautifully.

5. Switch your Pillows and Throws

To change the overall look of your living room and bedroom, buy colourful pattered pillows and throws. A tip for choosing the best pillows and throws is to match some of the colours from your pictures or flowers in the fabric.

If you use some of these tips to transition into summer, it will transform your home into a sunny, bright and colourful space that you’ll love!

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