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Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly


Earth Day is recognized worldwide on April 22nd. Let’s do our part in improving our planet! We all know that making an impact on our environment takes more than one day. Try spending the month of April being more environmentally conscious and see if you can instill new habits into your everyday life.

Give these ideas a try:

• Switch from Ziploc bags and single-use plastics in your lunches to Tupperware and reusable bottles.
• Donate items instead of throwing them away.
• Bring your own reusable bags to grocery stores!
• Recycle your electronics, ink, and anything else that shouldn’t be thrown away! Stores such as Staples, BestBuy, etc. will take these items free of charge.
• Turn off your lights when you aren’t home.
• Don’t run water while doing the dishes.

LIV Apartments incorporates many energy efficient and green initiatives into the community. These initiatives includes energy efficient appliances, recycling and more. Learn more about the green initiatives here!

How do you plan to spend your month appreciating Earth Day? Share your environmentally friendly tips in the comments below!

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