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Where To Adopt Your Next Rescue Pet


Pets are awesome. They are these little, furry creatures who live in your house and you’re just best friends with them. Luckily, LIV Apartments is totally pet friendly with plenty of pet amenities available. Maybe you have a fur baby, maybe you’re considering getting your first or maybe you’re on fur baby #4. Either way, we dug up (get it?) the best places you can rescue a furry friend this year.

Sit With Me Dog Rescue

Sit With Me Dog Rescue is an Ontario-based dog rescue that started its operation in 2012. Their philosophy is they “strongly believes that shelter dogs deserve better than being abandoned by those who are tasked with being responsible for them.”

The organization does not discriminate based on breed, age, medical condition or behaviour – all pups are welcome. This dog-only rescue also takes the time to get to know each applicant in-depth prior to pairing them up with a pup.

Sit With Me also allows volunteers to foster a dog so they can live in a warm, welcoming home while they await adoption. For a first-time dog owner, fostering a pup is a great way to gauge how much responsibility you’re ready to take on when deciding to adopt a dog.

You can find a list of available dogs for adoption here. 

Freedom Dog Rescue

Freedom dog Rescue, similar to Sit With Me Dog Rescue, rescues all dogs regardless of age, medical history, condition or breed. The organization began rescuing dogs in February of 2015 and has been able to help hundreds of pups find forever homes.

Through the help of veterinarians, trainers and volunteers, the organization is able to rehabilitate neglected or abused dogs so they can be fit for adoption. They too offer foster care for pups, but what makes them unique is that they also offer fostering for dogs in palliative care to ensure their last moments in this world are their best yet.

See the dogs they have for adoption here.

Adopt Me Cat Rescue Ottawa

For the cat lovers out there, Adopt Me Cat Rescue operates out of Ottawa and focuses on saving homeless cats who may have been abused, are feral or do not trust humans. These cats are often subject to disease, illness, starvation, the elements, parasites, other animals or people harming them or getting run over by cars.

The organization works with veterinarians and dedicated volunteers to rehabilitate, vaccinate, spay, neuter, microchip and immunize each cat that comes into their care. They also offer fostering for those who are looking to test the waters before committing to a furry friend.

Find out what kitties are available for adoption here.

Ottawa Humane Society

The Ottawa Humane Society is the largest of the organizations mentioned so far. Operating out of Ottawa’s west end, The Ottawa Humane Society rescues all animals, regardless of species, breed, medical condition or age.

With a wide range of animals available for adoption including cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and even sometimes reptiles, The Ottawa Humane Society does it all. The benefit of The Ottawa Humane Society is that you can go in during their operating hours and visit the animals you’re interested in adopting.

Due to the facilities available to The Ottawa Humane Society, they have a wide range of programs available for people interested in helping homeless animals who don’t necessarily want to adopt, including birthday parties for children that educate them about the animals in their care!

To see a list of animals up for adoption, click here.

Don’t shop – Adopt!

Adopting an animal means that you’re part of the solution. Next time you’re looking for an animal, consider adoption as an option. You never know – you might just find your next best friend.

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